About Us

Your mood changes everyday. So why shouldn’t your fashion? Tattoo Xchange was born out of the desire to create original designs that you can wear, mix and match, and make your own. Get empowered. Everyday. We’re a women operated company who felt that the market was missing a way for other women to express themselves in a cool non-committal way; It’s like all the awesome benefits of falling in love without any of the commitment issues.

Before you ink, think. How do I want to express myself today? Tomorrow? Was that sooo yesterday?

Tattoo Xchange lets you be original. So original that we can take your creative vision further, to conception. Let US develop YOUR ideas. Feeling creative? We’ll work with you to design your own.

Wear them. Share them. Show them off.
One size;  some size. No snags. Easy care.

Tattoo Xchange is made in Canada. Made for you.

Ready to get tattooed? Maybe not… But ready to get Tattooed Xchanged? Hell yeah.

We do corporate events & bridal. Contact us directly to learn more.